SB Glass® Smart Film

SB Glass® smart film usage in interior designs continues to gain popularity and be in fashion. SB Glass® has unique features such as durable and high quality material, high transparency and light transmittance, safety and possesing projection screen. SB Glass® film is not only a multifunctional product, but it can also be used as an independent element of the interiror that will perform many tasks: when offise partitions, shading screens alternative to curtains and blinders etc. are in a transparent state, SB Glass® does not allow ultraviolet rays to enter.

Usage areas

SB Glass® film is not only a multi-functional product, but can also be used as an independent element of the interior, which will perform many tasks.
When it is in a transparent state, SB Glass® film does not allow ultraviolet rays to enter the room, which contributes to creating a healthy microclimate.
It reduces heat loss and minimizes the cost of air conditioning.

Corporate Areas

Meeting rooms, conference rooms, schools, movable doors and windows, office partition windows, executive offices, intermediate doors, skylights, exhibition exhibitions and control centers


Alternative for bathroom partitions, movable doors and windows, projection curtains, doors, glass room partitions, conservatories, skylights, blinds and curtains.


Hotel room privacy sections, bathroom / bedroom privacy curtain, external windows, doors, conference center windows and skylights, bar and restaurant screens, toilet cabinets, shop windows, balustrades and balconies.


Internal or external high resolution rear projection screen. The projector should be 1 to 3 meters away and slightly tilted for optimum resolution.


Security windows (containing bulletproof glass), bank cashier window and automatic withdrawal system, vision panels, entrance foyer, cell doors and windows.

Health care

Hospital (nursery, emergency, intensive care, operating room), clinics, fire-proof doors, privacy / restrictive viewing areas.